CanaryXSwap is based on Uniswap v2. Read the Uniswap v2 documentation. For more in-depth information on the core contract logic, read the Uniswap v2 Core whitepaper.

Contract info

Contract name: DEXFactory Contract address: 0xd90656E356eD222c8B70a84cFCd5F9b2C6218CE0

View the CanaryXSwap Factory contract on Flare Songbird Explorer.

Read functions


function getPair(address tokenA, address tokenB) external view returns (address pair);

Address for tokenA and address for tokenB return address of pair contract (where one exists).

tokenA and tokenB order is interchangeable.

Returns 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 as address where no pair exists.


function allPairs(uint) external view returns (address pair);

Returns the address of the nth pair (0-indexed) created through the Factory contract.

Returns 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 where pair has not yet been created.

Begins at 0 for first created pair.


function allPairsLength() external view returns (uint);

Displays the current number of pairs created through the Factory contract as an integer.


function feeTo() external view returns (address);

The address to where non-LP-holder fees are sent.


function feeToSetter() external view returns (address);

The address with permission to set the feeTo address.

Write functions


function createPair(address tokenA, address tokenB) external returns (address pair);

Creates a pair for tokenA and tokenB where a pair doesn't already exist.

tokenA and tokenB order is interchangeable.

Emits PairCreated (see Events).


Sets address for feeTo.


Sets address for permission to adjust feeTo.



event PairCreated(address indexed token0, address indexed token1, address pair, uint);

Emitted whenever a createPair creates a new pair.

token0 will appear before token1 in sort order.

The final uint log value will be 1 for the first pair created, 2 for the second, etc.

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